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At BIG FROG of Solon, You Can Stand Out With Vibrant Colors.

Who says group and event t-shirts should feel and look cheap? With Ultra Prints by Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Solon, your team, club or event attendees can now stand out with a custom shirt that fits right, feels good and the colors pop.

Just what exactly is Ultra Print? Similar to screen printing, Ultra Print applies ink on a specialty transfer sheet. Inks are then transferred to the garment using pressurized heat. The final result? A t-shirt design that is ultra-soft to the touch with amazingly vibrant colors.




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  1. EXPLORE OUR COLOR WALL. Ultra Print is a great option for dark-colored shirts — which means you will never be limited by your choice of colors! Our Color Wall inventory gives you an up-close look at the different color choices available for your selection.
  2. SHOP FROM OUR COLLECTION OF WELL-LOVED BRANDS. Unlike ordering online, choosing to buy local at Big Frog Custom T-Shirt & More allows you to personally touch and feel the softness of our garments so you get to choose the quality and fabric that absolutely fits your needs.
  3. CREATE ON YOUR OWN or WORK WITH OUR DESIGNER. Ready to get started? Through our free 15-minute design consultation service, we can help turn your creative idea into a stunning design.



VIBRANT COLORS. One of the unique benefits of choosing Ultra Print over other types of custom t-shirt decorating techniques is its ability to produce bright, bold and vibrant colors. It’s the perfect choice for group and event shirts that call for fun and colorful branding!

PERFECT FOR DARK COLORS. Need a printing solution for dark-colored shirts? Ultra Print by Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Solon is a great choice for dark-colored apparel allowing for a large selection of garment colors giving you an opportunity for a bold design/garment contrast.

SOFT FEEL. When you choose to print your custom t-shirt using Ultra Print, you never settle for anything less than a t-shirt design that feels amazingly soft.

REORDER WITHOUT THE HASSLE. Because Ultra Print uses specialty transfer sheets to decorate your garments, extra sheets can be stored for later use; this makes it easy to print additional t-shirts later for volume or bulk orders.

GREAT FOR ON-SITE PRINTING. Looking for a custom t-shirt printing solution that would allow you to conveniently print garments at an actual event? Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser, at a high school football game or simply need on-demand shirts on-site, Ultra Print is the perfect choice for the job!


What Our Customers Say

I like the professionalism, courtesy, efficiency and creativity of the staff. They did an excellent job on my Family Reunion Tee Shirts. Benji was awesome to work with as well as the other staff. I highly recommend the services of Big Frog in Solon.
By J.J.F.
Excellent source for the services they provide. Personable, professional, virtually unlimited choices, fast turnaround, highly recommend. Thank you!
By T.B.
Easy to work with. Quick turnaround times. I actually reached out to another company before Big Frog and was given the run around about time frames, and that company actually told me 10 shirts wasn't worth their effort. Big Frog came through with no problem and got 10 shirts done for me in about a week.
By J.M.
Big Frog did another fabulous job on our jerseys! They turned them quickly and look amazing!!! And they are so customer-friendly. That’s why we keep going back. Highly, highly recommend!!!
By Staci V.
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