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Fun Customization Meets Awe-Inspiring Convenience with our custom t-shirts in Cleveland, OH. At Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Solon we make celebrating life’s un-frog-ettable events exciting and hassle-free with digital custom T-shirt printing, so throw the anniversary confetti and blow out the birthday candle (also known as Direct-to-Garment or DTG).

  • Never be left with additional clothes that you don’t need.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to one-color designs.
  • There will be no long delay for your personalized shirt. Almost immediate satisfaction.
  • When you pick digital custom T-shirt printing, you get FUN CUSTOMIZATION as well as AMAZING CONVENIENCE!

We at Big Frog Pond believe in CELEBRATING YOU, which is why we specialize in Direct-to-Garment or custom T-shirts in Cleveland, OH, allowing you to effortlessly customize your gear with a design that is uniquely yours. Direct-to-Garment Printing is the process of printing digital designs and pictures directly onto a garment using a high-tech inkjet printer. The end result? A full-color, high-resolution design that is more durable. How awesome is that?

Why should you choose Big Frog for custom t-shirts in Cleveland, OH?

PRINTING FROM ONE TO FIVE HUNDRED: Do you only need one shirt? Custom digital T-shirt printing can help you! While Direct-to-Garment printing may also be a good option for volume printing, its distinct advantage over other types of decorating techniques, such as screen printing, is its single-printing and small-batch capacity, which allows you to purchase most shirts. Please inquire about volume discounts for the greatest value.

CHOICE OF FULL-COLOR: Unlike screen printing, which only allows for one color to be applied to a garment at a time, DTG printing can easily print a rainbow of hues. As a result, digital T-shirt printing is a more cost-effective full-color choice than screen printing.

24/7 TURNAROUND: Last-minute tees? Digital printing can save the day! The actual strength of Direct-to-Garment printing resides in its capacity to produce in-stock apparel quickly, providing you peace of mind that you’ll receive your shirt in time for that big event.

PRINTING IN HIGH DEFINITION: Do you want to put your parents’ wedding photo on a shirt as a gift for their 50th wedding anniversary? DTG printing is the finest option for the project! One advantage of digital t-shirt printing over screen printing is the ability to print in great detail.

A LONG-LASTING DESIGN: Because DTG prints directly on the garment, the ink bonds to the fiber, extending the life of the design as it becomes a part of the fabric.

CLEAN AND GREEN: Big Frog Custom T-Shirts More in Solon is dedicated to environmental stewardship.  Direct-to-garment printing is one of the most ecologically safe and non-toxic methods of decorating personalized shirts.
Custom T-Shirts in Cleveland Ohio

What Our Customers Say

I like the professionalism, courtesy, efficiency and creativity of the staff. They did an excellent job on my Family Reunion Tee Shirts. Benji was awesome to work with as well as the other staff. I highly recommend the services of Big Frog in Solon.
By J.J.F.
Excellent source for the services they provide. Personable, professional, virtually unlimited choices, fast turnaround, highly recommend. Thank you!
By T.B.
Easy to work with. Quick turnaround times. I actually reached out to another company before Big Frog and was given the run around about time frames, and that company actually told me 10 shirts wasn't worth their effort. Big Frog came through with no problem and got 10 shirts done for me in about a week.
By J.M.
Big Frog did another fabulous job on our jerseys! They turned them quickly and look amazing!!! And they are so customer-friendly. That’s why we keep going back. Highly, highly recommend!!!
By Staci V.
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