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Maupin Travel is amazing and their technology offerings are perfect for my company!

best place to be!

less emails.

Too early to tell. We used to have a calling service that called our clients for NPS scores. We have now switched to email only and it's only been a week. So far feedback is good

Reporting is robust and allows you to drill down. Daily emails help us stay focused on those respondents who most need our attention. The Listen 360 team is very responsive when we have a question or need support.

Great customer service!

- I would like to be able to respond to employees / clients via Listen360 - It would be great if Listen360 had some "best practices" or guides to offer their clients regarding how to best execute NPS & ENPS.

I liked the way the questions are phrased and how the feedback is selected

I value the reporting and this service provides needed feedback from my clients. This assists with structuring training & quality assurance programs to address customer satisfaction gaps.

Its a great tool but as a back end user of Listen 360, there should be better ways to link the data back to business intelligence tools such as Tableau. Currently the only easy way to extract data is into a manual excel file which is very time consuming

Good feedback that is actionable. Constant delivery and measurement. Easy to customize data and survey parameters.

Make it easier to turn Listen360 reviews into public reviews that are easy for the public to find and see

Its all good. Clear and I'm happy with it . thanks

It's a no-brainer for Net Promoter Scores - it basically runs itself after you set up the questions and parameters. It has provided immense value to our business - especially given the nightmare of COVID and the massive negative impact that the pandemic and lockdowns caused.

In addition to the great service they've always provided, Listen360 has been an amazing partner for us through some very challenging times. Scott has been a huge advocate for us and has been amazing to work with. I would recommend Listen360 to anyone who is considering their type of services.

Ease of use and customization. Client facing ability to rate and elect to provide further feedback or not. Reporting features are valuable with Internal team/system development.

I love the customer feedback we get so timely and the platform is such a great tool for our whole team.

Flexible team, easy to work with.

Fantastic portal for collecting data and performance dialogue. We love the site and appreciate the benefit

More detail on who and when, also exception reporting for upper level leadership for follow up

would like the option to have surveys sent in Spanish.

i like knowing what my customers are thinking. It is very helpful.

I like that I view the patient's full comment and it provides the patient date of service, and identification number for easy researching.

Fantastic Clean Club! Management and Staff are great! Keep up your positive efforts!

Listen 360 is a fantastic platform for sending surveys, collecting Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and prioritizing the voice of the customer. One of my favorite features about Listen 360 is their ability to easily funnel reviews to social media and reputation sites. We have leveraged this feature to revolutionize our online presence and share the amazing feedback we collect within Listen 360 with our online audiences. A few minor changes that would make our closed loop process easier would be the ability to filter the task pad from oldest to newest responses. Another minor update that I am looking forward to is more robust reporting and easier API integration for creating custom reports outside of Listen 360's platform. Overall, I am a huge fan of Listen 360 and highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their customer experience or voice of the customer program.

Appreciate the kind, quick service. The fried chicken sandwich is my new favorite :)

Always very responsive and quick to resolve.

Listen360 is a great tool for customer feedback! There’s tons of data to review on what your customers have to say about your business.

It's a great service, very easy to use. It helps us keep track of the feedback we receive from our customers very efficiently!

Awesome company. Brandy is the best

Group comments according to facility type.

The user interface is not that great. There is a lot of wonderful information but it is hard to find and it lacks any real reporting ability for the end user.

Searching for customers to resend reviews is very laborious.

Searching customers to resend a survey is a pain. WAY harder than it needs to be.

frequent use in 4 categories of customers, trend tracking by various periods, ability to note follow-up

Would love for the system to be reorganized so that I can search by user and add locations to their profile instead of having to search by each location under each category in order to find users. I end up doing a minimum of 4x the work, which takes more time from other tasks.

I love everything except that I can't get email updates when a customer posts on review platforms like Google and Yelp.

great feedback and actionable info . Pays for itself over and over . Great for our employees to provide guideance

Immediate feedback for unhappy customers, allows for opportunity to reach out quickly

Love Scott, my franchisees love the platform and I get very few complaints :)

It's a simple tool to use for both the member and the organization. We are very pleased with the product and have been since we instituted Listen360 more than a year ago.

I have continued success with each person that i work with on the Listen360 team. Your team members are helpful and quick to address concerns.

I am concerned about an employees disregard to wearing their mask while working the front desk. This is a constant problem that isn't getting resolved. It makes me dread going to this branch.

We seem to get very low responses. Maybe if the survey was a little more robust..

I wish the data was real time & live. That the tracking of technicians performance is clearer. I would like a text message request as an option. I think NPS score is a bit outdated way to track a customers opinion as well.

Support team is great and usually quick with responses. Brandy is very helpful whenever we have a question or need assistance. Billing could be more accommodating for the customer. Our system doesn't allow us to enter an invoice prior to the invoice date. I requested to receive the invoice on or after the invoice date, but request was denied.
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