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It's a game changer for my business!

Let's us know the areas where we need improvement.

I especially like the client's written feedback. wish there were a way they "had" to leave something vs. just a number with no explanation.

This is a great service to be able to get to the heart of your practice. Meeting the patients needs.

Not enough interaction to respond to a survey yet.

As an admin I activate and deactivate accounts. Its irritating to add and remove a user from multiple groups/locations. It would be much easier if the permissions were user account based instead of group/branch based. That was a user could be completely added or deactivated from a single window.

As an Administrator, I found the system relatively easy to navigate. Generating reports is very simple. Help functions are comprehensive and also easy to use. When needed, the Help Desk team has been very responsive.

Easy to read, use and understand and easy to get in touch with customers if needed.

My wife and I love our technician Rachellie,

I like the service, I like my account rep but I dont like the support I get from the support team when I message in.
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