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The Listen360 is simply the best. Always ready to help and to go above and beyond to find a winning solution.

Quick and easy system to use

Convenient way for our guests to provide feedback on the recent visits and for our team to respond and fast response from Listen360 to suuport requests

Hearing feedback from our patients.

I love the quick and efficient reporting we get. It is so valuable to ensuring we are doing a great job for our customers. We also can recognize our team members who are doing great.

The analytics I can pull on the instructors and the ability to get a decent non-biased response to our experience.

It helps us manage our business and customer base every day

Not disappointed but not overly impressed. There is room for improvement. There are too many surveys received with no comments. Also, many times the customer has stated they did not submit the survey only opened the link but we get a negative score because of this.

It’s very helpful, having the feedback from the customer.

Real time information
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