It’s Time to Create a Toadily Awesome T-shirt for Your Big Event

girl in specially designed t-shirt on the beach

Summer is the season for BIG FUN! Whether you are planning a family reunion, a music or art festival or some other type of party, you know that great T-shirts can make or break your event. Let Big Frog help!

Just bring us your event logo or artwork and our designers will point you toward a great color, font and more. What else do you need to create the perfect event T-shirt?

girl in pink shirt with custom design

Get Out Front on the Details

Have all the relevant details ready when you visit your local Big Frog so that, in all the excitement, you don’t forget anything: organization’s logo, tagline, the exact name of the event and correct date. Including the date is super important because it makes the T-shirt a collectible – and it will encourage attendees to buy a new one every year. We specialize in wearable memories!

Create a Ribbeting Design

We know you have a zillion details to iron out before the big day, so leave the T-shirt design and printing to us. Our in-house designers will make you look good, and there are no set-up fees. The technology we use makes it easy for us to print one shirt or 10,000, so go ahead and order 10,000! Shirts for everyone!

Don’t Frog-et the Back

Whether you are telling people your own name or identifying yourself as a member of the team, the back of your custom T-shirt is pretty valuable real estate. For instance, if your organization is sponsoring a big outdoor festival, you can be sure that many of the attendees will need help to find water, bathrooms or a shady corner before they croak from the heat. So be sure to label your team shirts with “STAFF” across the back so you are easily identified. The back is the perfect place to put first names on a family reunion shirt if you are part of a big, happy family – especially if it’s so big, you can’t remember everyone’s name. Because our custom T-shirt printing process allows us to make every shirt different, this is toad-ily possible.

Hop to It!

What are you waiting for? Hurry to Big Frog and order your custom shirts today!

Custom T-shirts and Gifts Make People Hoppy

Spring is a season of full of celebrations, and celebrations call for custom gifts and T-shirts! Whether you are planning a graduation party, bachelor/bachelorette weekend, wedding shower or Mother’s Day picnic, give special party favors like custom shirts or hats.

  • Graduation: Every class needs a shirt with their year emblazoned across the front. We can help you with colors, fonts and all the little extras that will make your class shine! Want a shirt with all your classmates listed on the back? Or shirts for your whole family to brag about your special grad? Or a custom shirt made especially for your class president, a favorite teacher or commencement speaker? We’re on it! Leave the T-shirt design and printing to us, so you can worry about learning the words to the alma mater!

older group partying

  • Wedding Parties: Whether you are the maid of honor or the best man in a wedding, it’s up to you to plan a big weekend for your friend and their attendants. Because we can print one T-shirt (think “Bride”), a half-dozen (“Bridesmaid”) or 10,000 (“Entire City Invited to Wedding”), we will help you design your own shirts, scarves, totes and more for your big bachelorette weekend or bridal shower.

Looking for something manly for the groomsmen? In addition to T-shirts, we can print polos, hats, socks, golf towels, can koozies, stadium blankets and more that could be perfectly customized to commemorate a bachelor party weekend.

  • Mother’s Day: Planning a picnic lunch in honor of all the moms and other special women in your family? Make your own T-shirts or hats custom-designed for “Mom.” And don’t forget to order “I love my Mom!” shirts for all the little people at your picnic. We carry shirts in child and infant sizes, too, so kids of all ages can show Mom some love!

girl in hat showing t-shirt with "your design here" on it

  • Family Gatherings: Nothing screams family reunion or vacation like matching custom T-shirts! Let us print a unique T-shirt design for your family gathering so that everyone you meet at the state park, amusement park or resort recognizes and remembers your awesome fam.

Speaking of family, those of us with kids are starting to think about summer camp. Whether your organization runs a summer day camp or sleep-away camp, you need quality shirts for the kids. Stop by today and let our designers help you create a camp shirt that every kid will love – and in a color that will allow you to spot a wayward camper a mile away.

Spring and summer are full of possibilities! Stop by Big Frog Custom T-Shirts today and let us help you jump-start your celebration.