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Summer is Here, and That Means Reunion Time – Don’t Forget Those Awesome Reunion Tees!

When it comes to families, life’s not always without its challenges. But one thing is for certain…reconnecting with family who you’ve not seen in a while can be heartwarming. Every summer, thousands of families get reacquainted with one another by scheduling a family reunion celebration. And what better way to celebrate such an occasion than with a customized family reunion tee design from Big Frog Custom T-Shirts!

No matter how large your family reunion will be, a custom tee for the event will get everyone excited. Likewise, a custom tee will also create a keepsake with which to remember the occasion for years to come. And most of all, it provides that bit of fun and quirkiness that is often associated with getting together with family members. These are reasons why custom tees continue to be so popular for summer family gatherings.

Choosing the Right Custom Tee for Your Family Reunion – Big Frog Printing Can Help!

One of the toughest decisions when it comes to family reunions is not whether or not to get a custom tee for the event. That’s an easy one! The more challenging task is deciding what design and logo you will use to capture the uniqueness of your particular family’s character. Hundreds of sayings and designs may be considered, but often these can be grouped into a few types of
categories. The following lists some of the most common ones along with some catchy sayings to help you decide which one might be best for your family event.

Celebrating Family Dysfunction

  • “No wonder alcoholism runs in the family”
  • “If we didn’t argue, we wouldn’t talk at all”
  •  “We put the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional!’”
  •  “Family is people you hate to love and love to hate”

DNA, Genetics, and Looks

  • “Now you know where I get it from”
  • “Family reunions are the most effective form of birth control”
  •  “If you don’t believe in ghosts, you’ve obviously not been to one of our family reunions”
  •  “We are who we are because they were who they were”

Reunion Survivor Achievement

  • “It isn’t a family reunion until one of us punches someone”
  • “The best thing about this reunion was the open bar”
  • “The best thing about family reunions is the wait between them”
  • “Never give up on your family – no matter how tempting they make it”

Calling Out the Crazy

  • “Nine out of ten monkeys insist we’re not their descendants”
  • “One reunion, many paths: psychopaths, sociopaths, and more psychopaths”
  • “Around here, ‘crazy’ is a relative term”
  • “Insanity is hereditary”

A Focus on Food

  • “Family is like fudge: mostly sweet, with a few nuts”
  • “My family is like a potato field. All the best parts are underground”
  • “[Family name] – Proof that I am not the only fruitcake running around”
  • “[Family name] – Grillin’ and chillin’”

Family Tree Jokes and Sayings

  • “One generation plants the tree, another gets the shade”
  • “Getting back to our roots”
  • “Without roots, there can be no tree”
  • “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a family tree”

Taking Pride and Boasting

  • “We’re family. Deal with it”
  • “We’re more than a family – we’re a legacy”
  • “Accept it: my family is probably better than yours”
  • “It’s a [family name] thing. Sorry, but you wouldn’t understand”

Taking the High Road

  • “One team, one family, one win”
  • “Never forget where you came from, lest you lose sight of where you’re going”
  • “Reuniting the past, and shaping the future”
  • “It doesn’t matter how great your house, it matters that there’s love in it”

Big Frog Custom T-Shirts Offers Design Services Too!

Every family is unique, and your family deserves its own unique experience at a family reunion. At Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, we can help you achieve just that. In addition to an array of in-stock tees and prints, we provide in-house graphic designers who can help you create that perfect family reunion tee for your gathering. And in addition to helping with the t-shirt design,
we can guarantee fast processing of your order.

If you have a family reunion coming up this summer, invest in a custom t-shirt that will make your event truly special. And come and see us at Big Frog Custom T-shirts for all your printing and family reunion needs. We will help make sure this summer gathering will be a family reunion to remember!

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