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Meet Big Frog St. Pete Designer: Nic Hamersly – Creative Genius At Work!

At Big Frog Custom T-shirts, one of the things many customers fail to appreciate is the quality of our design services. In fact, we enjoy some of the most creative talent in the area who specialize in graphic design. But in addition to helping you create the exact image or design for your customized tee, they have an array of other talents. It is this combination of innovative and creative abilities that further enhance the quality of services that we provide at Big Frog Custom T-shirts. 

With that in mind, Nic Hamersly offers a perfect example how inherent creativity and passion for the arts augments the professional work we perform at Big Frog Custom T-shirts. Not only is Nic Hamersly an accomplished graphic designer, but he likewise is rapidly making a name for himself in the music industry. In fact, Nic will soon be going on tour to major cities in the U.S. due to increasing demand for his musical talents. And at Big Frog Custom T-shirts, we are quite proud of his achievements.

Nic Hamersly – A Rising Star in “Cold Wave” 

The genre of music in which Nic loves to perform goes by many different names. In the past it has been referred to as new wave, post-punk, and minimal synth (as in synthesizers). But perhaps the most encompassing label is that of “cold wave.” Gaining increasing popularity since the mid-2000s, cold wave combines analog synthesizers, drum machines, and minimalist music structures to create an unpolished, mechanical beat. Today, this music genre has quite the following. 

Though categorized as cold wave or min-synth, Nic Hamersly’s performances are not only refreshing and innovative but also mesmerizing to watch. As the sole member of his band Ortrotasce, Nic can be seen gracefully moving among instruments to create a techno-sound that moves the soul. It is this marriage of man and machine that is as much intriguing visually as it is sensually. It’s of little wonder why the demand for his performances is gaining momentum. 


Why Cold Wave and Nic Hamersly Epitomizes Creativity

Like many genres of music, cold wave evolved from an array of social, political, and technological changes. The movement initially started in Belgium and France in the late 1970s as cheap, portable synthesizers became increasingly accessible to post-punkers. But at the same time, cold wave has been embraced because of global developments as well. Its “cold” icy and mechanical feel aligns with a world that has become less feeling, more disconnected, and highly futuristic. Its clear why its style resonates with so many today. 

Cold wave music, as well as Nic Hamersly, also appreciate the minimalistic nature of the sound. Its ability to get down to the basics of melodic sounds helps strip away many of the complexities and “noise” found in other music genres. In fact, this same simple, creative approach to art can be seen in Nic’s photography and other artistic creations. A skateboarder at heart, Nic taps into this raw, basic, inner sense of beauty in all of his artistic pursuits. And this can also be appreciated in the designs he creates with clients at Big Frog Custom T-shirts. 

Create a Custom T-Shirt with Your Own Unique Design

Are you looking to connect to your own creative side? A great way to do so is by designing your own customized tee! Nic Hamersly is one of our talented staff at Big Frog Custom T-shirts who can help you customize the exact design you envision. Whatever design you might have in mind, our graphic designers can help you make it a reality. And with a number of printing and t-shirt options, the bounds of your potential for creativity have no limits!

At Big Frog Custom T-shirts, we also offer a variety of apparel and accessories from which to choose. From various clothing brands, to men’s and women’s tops, to bottoms and hats, you can design that specific look that speaks to you. You can even choose different fonts, colors, and digital printing trends that create unique styles for your individual tastes. Come see us today and let one of our incredible design team members help you find exactly what you’re looking for. After all, we are all creative in our own way, and it’s great to let our creative side shine!

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